Broneeri tuba

Tropical room – deep relaxation and complete peace of mind

Renew your body and mind in our new tropical room. Here you can devote time to yourself and fill your body and mind with new energy.

The innovative water wave system in the tropical room offers deep relaxation and helps achieve complete peace of mind. The wow-effect is created by the waterfall in the room. Pleasant light and tropical vegetation give the feeling of summer, no matter what time of year it is.

A warm waterbed-bath offers a relaxing massage. Tension, worry and stress disappear and are replaced by deep peace and well-being.

Tropical room experience (20 min)35 €
Course – 3 times at a special price70 €
Relaxing complex 2in1
Tropical room experience (20 min) + Virtual reality experiences (20 min)
45 €
Additional information and booking:
Tel: +372 35 99 523


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