Detox centre

DETOX centre is an ideal place for people who wish to improve their health and ensure a well-functioning body.

Main reasons for visiting us:
Weight adjustment
Strengthening of immune system
Normalisation of metabolism

DETOX centre has used diet programme “Figure friend” and DETOX programme for cleansing and rejuvenation already since 2013.

We rely on experience in the health resort area since 1961. In Estonia, we offer our clients procedures that use unique innovative equipment and devices, as well as well-established treatment plans that have stood the test of time. They will not only help to lose excess weight, but also improve general condition of the body. The health centre of “Narva-Jõesuu” medical spa holds a license for providing relevant services, issued by the Health Board.

According to our vision, DETOX method stands for a complete system that includes sleep regimen, procedures at the water centre, walks on the beach, adherence to drinking regimen and special diets.

By using one of our author programmes, you will regain excellent wellness, cheerful mood and restore normal functionality of your body in a short time.

Our philosphy:

No starvation

Our menu ensures that you move towards your goal without having a nervous breakdown or urge to run to the nearby grocery store.

Helpful fibre

Fibre helps to reduce weight and improve health. Dietary fibre constitutes an essential component of our daily diet. Fibre, which is processed in the intestines by microflora, contributes to stable functioning of our metabolic system.

Artesian water

Ca 60% of the human body is water (the percentage may vary depending on age, hydration, etc.). Our body needs clean water, and we are happy to announce that all food and drinks provided at “Narva-Jõesuu” medical spa DETOX centre are made by using artesian water with the highest level of purity, extracted from deep underground lake. Access to that water source is exclusive to Narva-Jõesuu water centre.

Time for yourself

Take your time and forget the daily bustle. Relax in our massage baths filled with artesian water, enjoy saunas and relax during various procedures. Enjoy life and regain energy.

Normal food

In addition to various smoothies and purees, we offer light and healthy food rich in vitamins, macro- and micronutrients. Menu excludes flour, added sugars, fizzy drinks, fatty food, semi-finished products, etc.


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