Broneeri tuba

HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology SCULPTOR ONE S for efficient body shaping

Sculptor One S is an improved device for shaping a perfect body and “Brazilian butt”. Depending on the selected programme, it is possible to strengthen muscles, reduce fat tissue (abdominal, on thighs, arms) or intensive muscle growth (buttocks).

Procedure indications

Area: abdomen and buttocks (30 min. x 4 times) + 2 workouts (45 min)

Area: sides and buttocks (30 min. x 3 times) + 2 workouts (45 min)



Chosen area: arms, abdomen and buttocks (30 min)35 €
Course – 3 times 87 €
Additional information and booking:
Phone: +372 35 99 523


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