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CryoVAC (cryolipolysis) – nonsurgical liposuction

CryoVAC (cryolipolysis) is a non-invasive body shaping technique, which allows getting rid of excess fat via exposure to cold. Local cooling of fat layers allows quick reduction of body size without burdening the body.


  • The principle of the procedure consists in selective cold effect on the fat tissue. It means that the client feels only slight numbness in the area of treatment.
  • During the consultation prior to the procedure, the specialist will ascertain problematic areas, then special protective cream is applied to the treatment area. Fat fold is sucked into the nozzle of CryoVAC device. Nozzle controls the cooling of fat cells, destroying them. Fat cells are removed from the body through the lymphatic system within two months after the procedure.
  • Maximum two areas can be treated during one session. The procedure lasts for 65 minutes. It is recommended to treat one area 3 times a year. Interval between procedures applied to a single area is one month.


  • Strong local effect. The results of the procedure will be visible in 2-4 weeks, maximum effect occurs in 2 months.
  • During one cryolipolysis session, up to 30% of fat tissue can be removed from the treatment area. We recommend repeating the procedure one month later, in order to lose up to 50% of fat (interval between procedures applied to a single area is one month).
  • Procedure does not cause stress for the body.
  • In combination with other procedures (Endoreverse VR3 and Skulptor One S) your figure will have seductive contours and curves.
  • Unlike many other methods, cryolipolysis does not require rehabilitation. You can go about your business immediately after the procedure.

Procedure indications



CryoVAC therapy (1 zone, 65 min. x 1 time) 75 €
CryoVAC therapy course price (1 zone, 65 min. x 3 times) 60 € x 3 = 180 €
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