Broneeri tuba

Dry ozone bath / Dry carbon dioxide bath

Ozone therapy is very well tolerated and has minimal contraindications. A dry ozone bath restores cellular nutrition, stimulates intracellular metabolism, increases immunity to diseases in general and helps cleanse the body of toxins.

Dry ozone bath (10 min)20 €
Course – 3 times at a special price50 €

A dry carbonic bath helps in the treatment of depression, insomnia and fatigue. One of the functions of the bath is to improve sleep, resulting in improved well-being and psycho-emotional state. After completing the full course of procedures and adjusting your nutrition plan on the recommendation of our specialists, you will look younger and feel full of vitality.

Dry carbon dioxide bath (10 min)25 €
Course – 5 times at a special price100 €
Additional information and booking:
Phone: +372 35 99 523


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