Broneeri tuba

Relaxing massage on the QUATTROMANO water massage bed

This is a unique hydromassage waterbed that is unlike anything else in Estonia. During the procedure, there is no contact with water but the body is fully supported and almost weightless. Four jets of water effectively treat the whole body with massage movements to reduce muscle tension and relieve stress.

The atmosphere in the room is conducive to deep relaxation and a light nap. One of our clients’ favourite relaxation treatments.

QUATTROMANO (20 min) 22 €
Course – 5 times at a special price (20 min) 85 €
QUATTROMANO (40 min) 30 €
Course – 3 times at a special price (40 min) 64 €
QUATTROMANO (60 min) 39 €
Additional information and booking:
Tel: +372 35 99 523


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