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“ANTISTRESS” programme (5 nights)

If stress takes the joy and colour out of your life, a vacation at the Narva-Jõesuu Medical Spa will help you. The “Antistress” programme gives you 5 days of perfect rest, relaxing treatments and visits to the sauna centre.


The following procedures for each person (fixed):
Relaxing massage on the QUATTROMANO water massage bed (40 min)
This is a unique hydromassage waterbed that is unlike anything else in Estonia. During the procedure, there is no contact with water but the body is fully supported and almost weightless. Four jets of water effectively treat the whole body with massage movements to reduce muscle tension and relieve stress. The atmosphere in the room is conducive to deep relaxation and a light nap. One of our clients’ favourite relaxation treatments.
Massage bath with artesian water and herb oil (10 min)
Water procedures have a relaxing effect on the nervous system. Water procedures improve blood and lymph circulation, speed up metabolism, and have a tonic effect on heart activity. Water procedures relieve muscle tension and joint ailments, increase tone, have a calming effect. Therapeutic baths are combined with various herbal oils.
Relaxation room (20 min)
An effective treatment for deep relaxation. The result is a significant reduction in anxiety, a normalisation of mood, and improved sleep in terms of both quality and duration.The Alpha-Stim device is a fast, proven, drug-free electrotherapy treatment for anxiety, insomnia and depression.
Dry ozone bath (10 min)
Ozone therapy is very well tolerated and has minimal contraindications. A dry ozone bath restores cellular nutrition, stimulates intracellular metabolism, increases immunity to diseases in general and helps cleanse the body of toxins.
Chromotherapy in the salt chamber Himalayan Cube (20 min) – 2 procedures as a gift
An exquisite Italian designed room with Himalayan salt and chromotherapy is not only fashionable but also useful! Salt steam surrounding you during the procedure affects not only the respiratory system but also the condition of the skin. The immune system is strengthened, and well-being and mood improved.
As a gift: Stretching exercises. Sessions take place twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday!Aqua Zumba workouts. Aqua Zumba, or water aerobics, takes place in the indoor pool Mon-Fri.


To make your vacation even brighter and more memorable, we recommend booking our new products:
If you wish, you can replace the buffet style meal with the following meals for an additional fee:
  • from the Fitlap menu 119 €
  • from the Detox menu 119 €
½ TWIN335 €
The offer is valid for bookings and accommodation from sunday to friday in the period until 22.12.2023 / 02.01 – 31.05.2024

NB! The administration retains the right to make changes in the price list without advance notice. Payments made for services that have not been used due to reasons outside medical spa “Narva-Jõesuu”, will not be refunded.


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